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There are a few questions we’re asked by international travelers heading our way. Some of them are everyday information, some are delightful little trivia that will make your visit to Armenia a little more interesting.

Where is Armenia?

Armenia is situated in the northeast of the Armenian Highland, between the Caucasus and Asia Minor. The country is bordered by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the South and Turkey on the west.

How big is Armenia?

Armenia has a territory of 40,000 square kilometers (including the Republic of Artsakh) and is located between 1,000 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Aragats Mountain (4,090 m) and the lowest point is in the valley of River Debed (380 m).

How can I get to Armenia?

There are numerous airlines flying to Armenia. The following airlines have scheduled flights to Zvartnots International Airport: Air France, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot, Belavia Airlines, LOT, Donavia, Fly Dubai, Ukraine International, Austrian Airlines, Air Arabia, and Middle East Airlines.

How old is Armenia?

The Republic of Armenia was established on 21st September, 1991. Although the Republic of Armenia is young, the country itself, currently comprising one-tenth of historical Armenia, has a very ancient history. The name Armenia was first time mentioned in the Behistun inscription, left by Darius the Great in the 6th century B.C.

What is the main symbol of Armenia?

An interesting fact about Armenia is that its main symbol—Mount Ararat—is no longer located in the Republic of Armenia. It was annexed to Turkey in 1921, following the Kars Treaty. Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, has a great view of Mount Ararat.

What is the population of Armenia?

It has a population of about 3,000,000 people. It is interesting to note that the estimated number of Armenians living in the Armenian diaspora is about 7,000,000.

What is the official religion of Armenia?

Armenia officially adopted Christianity in 301AD, and it is a monoreligious country. Almost 95 % of Armenians follow the Armenian Apostolic Church, one of the oldest churches in the world. There are also very few Catholics in Armenia. The other religions, such as Yazidism (0.8%) and Judaism are practiced by ethnic minorities.

What is the weather like in Armenia?

Armenia has all four seasons. It is known as a country full of sunshine, especially Yerevan, which is renowned as a sunny city. It is believed that the number of sunny days in Yerevan is between 220 and 270 per year, although recently winters have become harsh with very few sunny days. Its climate ranges from dry subtropical to cold. The average temperature is 25C in July and -10C in January. The best months to visit Armenia are May, September and October.

What is the food like in Armenia?

The food in Armenia is one part of what makes this country so inviting. Armenia offers you delicious fruits and vegetables, local pork, lamb, chicken and fish dishes. If you prefer fish, there are only freshwater fish in Armenia. If you are in Yerevan, you can sample cuisine from all corners of the world. There are numerous quality restaurants serving local food, as well as wine houses, in which you can sample Armenian wine and enjoy meals in a nice atmosphere. An English menu is always available in Yerevan, but if you are out of the city, you will most likely find one with difficulty. In rural places, you can try delicious homemade food.

Can I drink tap water in Armenia?

Armenia is a mountainous country, and consequently, it is abundant in fresh water. In Yerevan, you can drink tap water everywhere, there is no need to buy bottled water, because even on the street you can find water sources. The so called “pulpulaks” are gems of Yerevan. You can find these special drinking water fountains while walking. Even stray dogs and cats are not devoid of water in Armenia, thanks to pulpulaks.

What is the electricity voltage in and plug type in Armenia?

Electricity in Yerevan is 220 volt, 50 Hz. For US tourists who have dual voltage equipment, only a plug converter is needed (flat prongs or round ones). You can also purchase one from any store. If your equipment is not multi-voltage, bring a “Radio Shack” transformer, rated for your equipment.

What is the currency in Armenia?

Armenian national currency is the Dram. There are banknotes and coins. In Yerevan, it is possible to pay with credit cards in most of the restaurants and shops, and there is no lack of ATMs. However, if you plan a trip outside Yerevan, you should note that you cannot use credit card, so bring a decent amount of cash.

Always have Armenian dram during your trip to pay for food and shopping in case credit card facilities are not available. You may need coins for toilets, especially in the countryside, which mainly costs 100 AMD.

When are shops open in Yerevan?

Most of the shops and shopping malls open at 10 o’clock. There are many 24/7 shops and supermarkets in each neighborhood of Yerevan as well. Clothes shops, pharmacies and most markets work without a day off.

Where can I smoke in Armenia?

A new law banning public smoking is currently being discussed by the Armenian government. So at present, you can smoke everywhere in Yerevan, but there are rare places where smoking is banned. Not many restaurants have non-smoking sections, so if you need a smoke-free space, we recommend you to check the venue in advance. You can find some nice places here.

Cigarettes in Yerevan are not costly at all. The average price of one pack is one dollar (US).

What alcoholic drinks are popular in Armenia?

Armenians used to be vodka drinkers, but the boosting wine-making industry has changed the situation. Wine and beer in Armenia have ancient origins. In the Areni-1 cave, a 6,100-year-old winery was discovered in 2007. In Yerevan, a great choice of local beer and wine is available. More than that, our country is famous for its legendary Ararat Brandy, the favorite beverage of Winston Churchill. Alcohol is served in all the restaurants of Yerevan. It is more likely that you will find homemade wine and mulberry vodka outside Yerevan.

What about nightlife in Yerevan?

Yerevan is a great place to explore nightlife with its pub culture, night clubs, discos and bars. In summers, outdoor cafes as well are very energetic venues to explore nightlife. If you are a fan of the nightlife, enjoy it in Yerevan, because you will not find it outside the capital.

How do you ride public transportation in Yerevan?

Means of public transportation in Yerevan consists of the metro, bus, minibus and taxi. The bus and minibus (called marshrutka) ride cost 100 AMD.

Taxi service is surprisingly inexpensive in Armenia. You are going to pay 100 AMD ($0.21) per kilometer. There is an established minimal price for a taxi, which is 600-700 AMD, which means that you are going to pay the above mentioned price for certain distances. Usually a ride in downtown will cost the minimal price of 600 AMD.

Yerevan has one line subway system with 10 stations. The fare is 100 AMD per ride.

If you want to travel outside Yerevan, there are minibuses that travel in different directions from different bus stations.

There is a bus from Yerevan to Zvartnots Airport every hour, parting from the Republic Square.

What language do Armenians speak?

Armenian is an independent branch of the Indo-European language family. If you don’t know Armenian, your knowledge of other languages will hardly help you to understand it, even if you are a polyglot.

Do Armenians speak English?

English is the most spoken language after Russian. But this fact is mainly true about Yerevan. If you are in the countryside, almost every Armenian, especially elderly people, will talk Russian to you. By the way, the most useful word—“thanks”—has a very complicated pronunciation. We suggest you start learning it now. Check out the must-learn Armenian phrases for travelers.