Armenia Tourism 2020: Top Activities in Armenia

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Tourism in Armenia

Armenia Tourism 2020: Top Activities in Armenia

Tourism in Armenia is multifaceted. Armenian history and culture are sophisticated to such an extent that only culture-based tourism could make Armenia a popular tourism destination.

However, tourism statistics in Armenia indicate that brand new tour packages now enable guides to use more resources in Armenia.

Winter and adventure tourism in Armenia have become particularly important. Thanks to numerous tourism development foundations, new infrastructures in tourism were created over recent years.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, with its acknowledged safety, is another attraction for many tourists willing to travel to Armenia.

Let’s discover more about the forms of tourism and activities in Armenia.


Armenia has mind-blowing landscapes that are stunning with their rapidly-changing scenes. That’s why hiking and trekking are memorable experiences in Armenia.

Multi-day and one-day hiking/trekking are both perfect choices to dive into nature. Hiking is rather safe in Armenia, as almost all the hiking trails are close to this or that settlement, which means that you are not going to get lost. However, with our highly experienced and friendly guides, you will have the best adventures in Armenia.

With its high peaks and mountain chains, Armenia also offers the best trekking experiences.

Hiking in Armenia


If you are going to have biking and cycling tours in Armenia, keep in mind that the elevation fluctuations are somewhat characteristic for the country. Cycling can very often be more challenging than you expect. Be sure that short breaks in the villages or small towns will reveal to you the renowned hospitality of the Armenian nation.

If you are Russian speaking or at least know some Russian phrases, you will communicate with locals with ease, because they speak Russian with all the tourists, regardless of their nationality.

biking in armenia

Photo credits: Aharon Khachatryan


Armenia is a mountainous paradise. Paragliding is the best experience to catch a birds-eye view of that paradise. Depending on the weather conditions, paragliding is possible in different locations.

One of the most popular places for paragliding is the mountains near Lake Sevan.

So if you are excited to see the blue pearl of Armenia from above, contact us and we will organize a feast for your eyes.

paragliding armenia

Photo credits: Sky Club


We highly recommend you explore some pristine terrain in Armenia by horseback riding. Head south to breathtaking nature and hidden monuments, or ride north to the traditional rural environment and epic trails, both perfect spots to go riding. There are also equestrian centres and riding clubs if you don’t want to ride in wild nature.

Horseback riding in Armenia


Considering the fact most of the true cultural gems in Armenia are well hidden in the depths of forests or are perched on mountains devoid of any kind of infrastructure, off-roading is one of the best possible options to discover more about the unexplored Armenia which is definitely worth seeing. Check more about our off-roading tours in Armenia.

4x4 jeep tour armenia

Photo credits: Wild Armenia


Rafting is a relatively new form of adventure tourism in Armenia. You can have this adventurous experience in one of the most beautiful parts of Armenia, which is the Debed River canyon, in the northern province of Armenia. This is one of the most beautiful parts of our country, so make sure to keep your camera safe during rafting. You will take some epic pictures.


Even though there is currently only one pronounced skiing resort with all the necessary infrastructure for skiing in Armenia – Tsaghkadzor, there are numerous mountainous areas offering amazing skiing possibilities ’til May.

In addition to this, you can find a range of activities in the north-western part of Armenia, Ashotsk province, which is close to Lake Arpi National Park.

Skiing and snowboarding in Armenia


It does not matter if you are a professional rock climber, amateur or just a beginner in Armenia. You will find the rock-climbing routes appropriate for you. The good news is that you can make this activity in Yerevan in the Hrazdan River gorge, full of basaltic rocks. We highly recommend you to try rock climbing in the Hell’s Canyon, which is a very picturesque gorge adorned with reddish formations. Gnishik Canyon, spa town Jermouk and Bjni village are also popular destinations for rock climbing.

Rock climbing in Armenia


Amateurs of religious travel claim that Armenia has the most spiritual churches in the world. The modest churches devoid of golden decorations found in Europe and elsewhere are saturated with a profound spirituality. This is what makes religious tourism so popular in Armenia. Of course, being the first Christian nation is another fact that put Armenia on the religious tour map. Religious and cultural tours are often blended because cultural tours contain frequent visits to churches, blurring the line between these two.

arnenian church


Armenian cuisine is a great factor that makes the country desirable for many people. The growing demand of gastro tours in Armenia has paved a way for improved and quality services that will meet the needs of experienced travellers.

There are masterclasses introducing you to the traditions of the Armenian kitchen including preparation of traditional Armenian dish tolma, harisa, cheese, pahklava, ghapama (stuffed pumpkin), etc.

Armenia is also a perfect destination for wine tourism, with its ancient wine traditions that emerged in the country 6100 years ago. Exquisite wineries with extended production or local rural ones both will make your time memorable.

Armenia Wine Factory

Photo credits: Armenia Wine


Medical tourism is also on-demand in Armenia. Dental procedures and plastic surgery are the most improved services that tourists undergo, travelling to Armenia for health reasons.

Plastic surgery especially is very up-to-date because Armenians, with their prominent Armenian nose, give surgeons many chances to improve.

Medical tourism in Armenia


Armenia is one of the top 34 locations in the world for its rich biodiversity. Its rural life maintains traditional lifestyle elements, which are the life bread of ecotourism, is very charming. Ecotourism in Armenia is the target of many international funds, as well as an annual Ecotourism Conference aimed to develop and improve this sector.

Spandaryan Reservoir

Is Armenia already on your bucket list? Find out more about our tours here, and discover these activities with the best services in Armenia with us.

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