50 Useful Armenian Phrases & Words for Travelers

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50 Useful Armenian Phrases & Words for Travelers

Armenian is spoken only in Armenia, so when planning a trip, it is a good idea to know some of the essential Armenian phrases.

That way, you can interact with locals who might not speak English, or you can simply impress them with your knowledge.

Here we will teach you:

  • How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Armenian!
  • How to say good morning in Armenian!
  • How to say please and thank you in Armenian!
  • How to say yes and no in Armenian!
  • How to ask How are you in Armenian!
  • How do you say “My name is …” in Armenian?
  • What does “I don’t speak Armenian” mean?
  • How to say “I love you” in Armenia.
  • Learn to count to ten in Armenian.

If you have ever been to Italy, then you are somewhat prepared for your trip to Armenia.

People frequently compare Armenians to Italians for we have been living among the mountains, we are loud and we are expressive (you know, talk with the hands and all that magic).

So, most probably, even if we know no single word in your language, if you let us know what you need, we WILL find a way to explain how you can get it.

And we just love to hear how you try your best to say words in our language that we call Voskeghenik (meaning ‘written in gold’).

You will earn your respect just by trying and we will do everything we can to make you happy.

Comprehensive List of Must-Know Armenian Phrases

  1. Hi/Hello – Bar’ev
  2. Do you speak English? – Angler’en kho’sumeq
  3. Can I have …? – Indz kbe’req
  4. Can you take me to …? Indz kta’neq
  5. How much does it cost? Inch’qan eh
  6. I need…- Indz petq eh
  7. How can I get to…- Inch’pes has’nem
  8. Thank you – mer’si OR shnorakaloot’yoon (the second one will give you more points among the locals)
  9. Excuse me – Kne’req
  10. Numbers 1-10 (1 – mek, 2 – yer’ku, 3 – ye’req, 4 – chors, 5 – hingue, 6 – vets, 7 – yot, 8 – oot, 9 – ‘inneh, 10 – tas)
  11. Please – Khnt’roomem
  12. Where is the restroom? – Vor’tegh eh zooqa’raneh
  13. Water – jhur
  14. I don’t understand – Chem haska’noum
  15. Please call a doctor – b’zhishk kkan’cheq
  16. How are you? – Inch’pes eq
  17. I’m well – Lav
  18. Good – Lav
  19. Do you have a map? – Qar’tez oo’neq
  20. What time do you open/close? – Yerp eq bats’voom/pak’voom
  21. Do you have local? – Tegha’kan oo’neq
  22. Wine – Gi’ni
  23. Where is the bus stop? – Vor’tegh eh kan’gareh
  24. Where can I find a supermarket? – Vortegh eh sooper’marketeh
  25. Where can I find a bank? – Vor’tegh eh ‘bankeh
  26. Right, Left, Straight – Atch, Dzakh, Oo’ghigh
  27. How far is it to…? – Inch’qan he’roo eh
  28. At the intersection of – Khatchmeroo’kin
  29. A table for two/ three/four people – Se’ghan yer’koo/ye’req/chors ho’qoo ha’mar,
  30. Can I reserve…- Ka’rogh em re’zerv a’nel se’ghan
  31. Time – Zhama’nak
  32. May I see the menu? – Men’yun kbe’req
  33. Can I see the dessert menu? – Deser’ti men’yun kbe’req
  34. May I have the bill? – Ha’shiveh kbe’req
  35. I have lost my passport – Pas’portehs kortse’relem
  36. Can you help me? – Indz koq’neq
  37. Speak slowly please – Dan’dagh ka’seq
  38. Repeat, please – Keh krkneq
  39. Is it far/close? – He’roo eh/mo’tik eh?
  40. Can I pay with credit card? – Qar’tov vtcha’rem
  41. Can I get drams? (at exchange) – Dram ktaq
  42. I don’t speak Armenian – haye’ren chem kho’soom
  43. I don’t speak Russian – ruse’ren chem kho’soom
  44. How to get to the center? –inch’pes has’nem kent’ron
  45. It’s very tastyshat ha’megh e
  46. The weather is fine – Egha’nake lavn eh
  47. I will be happy to see you again –Oo’rakh kli’nem tes’nel dzez no’rits
  48. Happy birthday – Tsnoondt shnorha’vor
  49. I want to have a haircut –Oo’zoom em ma’zers ktrel
  50. Little (few) –kich, much (many) –shat
  51. My name is … – Anun’s … e
  52. Yes – Ayo
  53.  No – Voch


Armenian love words

I love you (a lot / very much) – Yes kʻez sirum em (shat)

You are my everything – Du im amen inchn es

You are the love of my life – Du im kyanki sern es

I love you with all of my soul – Yes kez amboghch hogov sirum em

Each day I love you more – Amen or yes kʻez aveli shat em sirum

I’m in love with you – Yes kʻez siraharvats em

Armenians Speak in Notions

Some of the things we say would shock you if you understood the literal meaning of the words but trust me, we say it because we care. If you get to stay here a bit longer, you are sure to hear the following phrases…If you do, know that you are special.

  1. Akh’pehres (literal meaning – my brother) – sign of respect and trust
  2. ‘Tsavt ta’nem (literal meaning – I take your pain) – sign of brotherly friendship
  3. Ho’qoot mer’nem (literal meaning – I die on your soul) – sign of deep brotherly love
  4. Jan (combined with your or anyone else’s name) – sign of affection and respect.

Here’s some good news for you, mostly all restaurants, hotels and any other venue that caters to travelers will have English-speaking staff. Usually, they are good enough for you to leave satisfied. In the end, you can simply say “shnorakaloo’tyoon” and it will put a smile on our faces!