5 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Armenia

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Christmas and New Year in Armenia

5 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Armenia

Jingle bells are almost here and you still haven’t planned your vacation? Well, you still have time left to decide and we’ll show you why you should spend New Year and Christmas in Armenia.

Be ready to have a chill December 25th, because this is not when we go all out and crazy. But December 31st is when you need to have all your energy stored up and ready, because when Armenians party, it goes on for days, at least till January 3-4th. Most businesses are closed for about a week during the holidays and this time is especially allocated for fun.

Christmas in Armenia

Here are 5 reasons why celebrating the New Year and Christmas in Armenia will become an unforgettable memory for you.

Christmas in Armenia: Abundant Tables and Delicious Food

Preparations start a few days before December 31st. Every family needs to buy the best ingredients (and as much as possible) for the cook in the family to do her magic. The tables in Armenian homes have to be full of delicious goodness on the New Year Night – a variety of meats cooked in the most sophisticated ways, vegetables, pilaf, salads, fresh pastry, fruits and of course charaz (nuts and dried fruits). If you’re invited and even if you’re not specifically, you’re always welcome into Armenian homes on this day for it’s a holiday that needs to be shared with everyone, who knocks on your door.

Armenian New Year Christmas dinner

Christmas in Armenia: Traditional Drinks and Toasts

Armenian tables and celebrations cannot go without plenty of alcohol, where mulberry or apricot vodka, Armenian brandy and champagne are usually the musts. You will hear many toasts for this is the time to make wishes for success and good luck in the coming year. Families wish for good health for everyone, peaceful sky over the country, for the soldiers to come home safe and sound, for the elderly to have long lives to help with their wisdom, and for the unmarried to find their love and create their own families. This is the most beautiful and loving atmosphere you will find yourself in and you will also feel loved.

New Year Christmas toasts in Armenia

Ordered New Year Snow?

 There is one most magical and unexplainable thing that happens on this day every year. Once the clock strikes 12 and bells ring to announce the New Year in, you look out the window and see everything covered in pristine white snow. People come out of their houses into this untouched wonder and play and go crazy and do snow butterflies. Everyone becomes a child at this moment in time. And magic happens…

Christmas in Armenia

Christmas in Armenia: All-Night Festivities

 After receiving and spreading these beautiful vibes, while the older generation stays home and watches TV, the young go out to celebrate with friends. The streets are all lit up in Christmas lights and smiling faces greet you in the streets. Bars, pubs and clubs are full of people dressed up in their festive outfits, drinking, toasting, listening to great bands playing and dancing.

new year festivities in armenia

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