15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Armenia After the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Old Khndzoresk village

15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Armenia After the Coronavirus Outbreak

At the moment, you’re probably at home, wondering when you will be able to travel again. Perhaps you’ve already been researching countries and interesting locations for your next big trip. While we’re all itching to travel again, many people are already making plans for their trips after the coronavirus outbreak subsides. If you’re trying to decide on a great new country to explore, Armenia is the perfect option for you to consider. This ancient country is a blend of old and modern, as well as Asia and Europe, and everything from the food, ancient history, modern capital, affordability, safety, and more make it a place worth visiting.

Here are the top 15 reasons why you should visit Armenia.

Ancient Christian Heritage

Armenia is the first nation to have declared Christianity its national religion. In 301 AD, King Tiridates III declared Armenia a Christian country, with the main religion in Armenia being the Armenian Apostolic Church. After this, the first Christian cathedral in the world, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiatdzin, was built in 303 AD. There are plenty of other old Christian churches that are among the UNESCO sites in Armenia. Seeing these amazing historical sites is one of the many reasons why a trip to Armenia is worth it.

The sunrise of Tatev Monastery

The Beautiful Views of Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is one of the main symbols of the Armenian heritage. The majestic mountain is the main feature of the Yerevan horizon. Although the mountain does not lie within the borders of the current Republic of Armenia, Armenians worldwide consider it to be their own. There are many places in Armenia where you will be able to see this mountain in all of its glory, especially if you choose to climb the tallest mountain in the Republic of Armenia, Mount Aragats.

View of Biblical Mount Ararat from Amberd Fortress

The Amazing Food and Wine

If Armenians are known for anything, it’s their amazing food and wine. When you make a trip to Armenia, you will find that Armenian food is completely unforgettable. In Armenia, you will be able to try everything from tolmas to harisa to a good old-fashioned barbecue wherever you go. In addition, you can have some delicious Armenian wine to complete your meal.

Armenian dolma from vine leaves and minced meat

Armenian Hospitality is Out of This World

Armenian people are extremely hospitable and one of their favorite things to do is have guests. So, don’t be surprised if a complete stranger invites you to their house for a delicious home-cooked meal and some traditional Armenian coffee. Armenians like to go out of their way to help one another, especially tourists, and you will be impressed by the unique treatment you will experience in Armenia.

Armenian woman selling gata sweet bread

Armenia Is Affordable

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should consider a trip to Armenia is the fact that it’s going to be nice on your wallet. A taxi drive starts at a little more than $1 and you can easily use public transportation and pay a lot less. Even a night’s stay at a hotel room is likely to be much cheaper than what you’re used to. So, you will get the experience of a lifetime without having to spend too much. The Armenian currency is the Armenian Dram.

Young tourist is calculating money

You Are Provided With High-quality Service

 As we mentioned before, Armenians are extremely hospitable, so it’s not surprising that you will also get great service when you go to a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or anywhere else in Armenia. Hotels in Yerevan will do everything possible to make sure that you enjoy your stay and have a memorable trip. Your waiter at a restaurant will make sure that you have a good meal and dream of coming back soon.

You will also get great service when you go to a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or anywhere else in Armenia

Armenia is One of The Safest Countries in The World

In addition to everything else, Armenia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world according to many reports. Safety in Armenia is paramount, and plenty of people were surprised by the experience they had. It’s completely safe to visit Armenia on your own and travel throughout the country by yourself- even if that means doing so at night. The crime rate is extremely low, so you’re going to feel safe on top of having a good trip.

Lastiver waterfall

It’s Heaven For Adventure Lovers

Armenia is full of mountains, forests, lakes, and other amazing sites for you to explore. That means you’ll have some of the most unforgettable adventures in Armenia that will create memories to last a lifetime. You can easily organize a hiking trip, mountain climbing, fishing, and more. And even if those don’t suit your tastes, you can organize a nice barbecue picnic at the many different parks and sites throughout the country.

Tourist is standing on the top of Mount Aragats, Armenia

Armenian Women Are Beautiful

Armenian women are among the most beautiful throughout the world. In addition to that, Armenian women are smart, strong, resilient, and hardworking, which comes from many years of struggle and sacrifice. They have deep and thoughtful eyes that reflect their inner beauty and extreme intelligence.

Beautiful armenian girl with pomegranates in her hands

Credits: Lilith Shahbazyan

There Are Many Festivals to Attend

It’s impossible to visit Armenia and have nothing to do. There are festivals in Armenia that take place all year round. Many of the festivals focus on traditional winemaking, but there are plenty more for traditional Armenian foods, music, dance, fruits, barbecue, arts, and more. You are sure to find a festival that you’re interested in, which will prove to be an educational experience.

Yerevan Wine Days Festival

Armenian Brandy is Unique

According to Winston Churchill, the secret to a happy life is Havana cigars, Armenian brandy, and no sport. There are plenty of varieties of this delicious drink, which is made using the tastiest and sweetest grapes grown in Armenia. Armenian brandy is famous all across the world for its unique taste and exquisite features. In fact, the best brandy makers refuse to reveal their secrets.

Armenian Ararat Brandy

Yerevan Nightlife is Exciting

When you visit Yerevan, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the city never seems to sleep. There is plenty to do in Yerevan at night, including visiting cafes, bars, nightclubs, events, and even the dancing fountains on Republic Square. Also, it’s lovely to simply take a walk around the city at night; it’s at its liveliest then.

The fountains of Yerevan Republic Square

Credits: Khalil Charafeddine

Armenia is Home to The Longest Cable Car

Wings of Tatev cable carArmenia breaks records in many areas, but one of them is for having the longest cable car in the world. This unique attraction can be found on the way to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik province of southern Armenia. It was built to increase tourism in the area and to provide an easier route to reach the monastery. You will be surprised by the stunning views of the countryside as you take a ride in the cable car.

It Has Beautiful Mountains and Lakes

Armenia is also very well-known for its stunning mountains and lakes. The mountainous landscape provides for some of the best views and most memorable adventures. There are many mountains in Armenia that you should put on your list to see. In addition, Armenia is home to crystal-clear lakes. Lake Sevan is the most popular and largest lake in the country. People flock to the lake in the summer to go swimming, water rafting, fishing, and even to enjoy a nice barbecue on the beach.

The view of Lake Sevan from the top of Artanish Mountain

You Can Bake Traditional Flatbread Lavash

Finally, you will have the opportunity to bake traditional lavash bread during your trip to Armenia. This tasty flatbread is a staple for many meals and you simply can’t eat Armenian food without it. And since Armenians love to stick to their traditions, you will have plenty of opportunities provided by tourist companies, restaurants, and even local villages to participate in the traditional baking rituals yourself over the tonir oven.

There you have it! Here were the top 15 reasons why you should include Armenia on your list of travel plans after the coronavirus outbreak subsides. There is a lot to see and do in Armenia, and you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life!

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