9 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Armenia Right Now [2020]

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9 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Armenia Right Now [2020]

There are so many reasons to visit Armenia and fall in love with it. Travelers and expats will mention anything from spiritual awakening to the unique beauty of Armenian women.

A trip to Armenia can be life and mind – changing. A quote by one of our recent visitors comes to mind: ”I told my husband that Armenia changed the landscape of my brain.” (This is what Bonnie Folkins, who visited Armenia two years ago, shared with Wild Armenia during her trip to Dilijan).

Here’s how Armenia will excite your senses and make you fall in love with Her over and over again:

Landscapes and Nature with Ever-Present Biblical Ararat

With the lowest point of 390m above sea level and the highest at 4,090m, Armenia is like Austria somewhere in the middle of Europe and Asia, with fast flowing rivers, virgin forests, steep gorges and abundant wildlife. Anywhere you turn in Armenia, you see snow-capped mountain peaks, and presiding over the landscape is Holy Mount Ararat. Take a hiking or off-roading trip in Armenia, excite your camera with these majestic scenes on a wildlife photography tour or explore these ridged landscapes in their full glory any time of the year, Armenia is ready to offer you the best of adventure tourism.

Ararat mountain

Photo credits: Wild Armenia

Cultural and Architectural Fusion

Justly considered one of the oldest countries in the world, Armenia showcases national culture and architecture that, due to its geographic location, has contacted with numerous ancient cultures and at the same time preserved its true authenticity. From the pagan Temple of Garni to world’s oldest Christian cathedral Etchmiadzin, from Qarahunj – an ancient site of carefully designed stone arrangements, to the Blue Mosque with delicately decorated tile domes and interior, from deeply spirited khachkars (crossstones) to millennia-old petroglyphs, Armenians have been carving and building their faith for millennia and continue to do so.

Haghpat Monastery

Photo credits: Wild Armenia

Kind and Hospitable People

Whether you are exploring the capital Yerevan or taking a hike in the mountains, you’ll be surprised how easily these people show their eagerness to invite you over for dinner, serve you the best meal they have, give you presents or pay your bill at a restaurant. In a country, where the majority of people don’t get to travel much, people long to know where you come from, what you believe in and who you are. This is truly a great place to experience a foreign culture if you are open enough to embrace it.

Enchanting Colors of Changing Seasons

Boasting a solid continental climate, Armenia can provide you a seasonal experience no matter what time of the year you embark on your journey. Take a cool forest hike in hot summer, drive by Dilijan hills bursting in all the warm colors of the rainbow in autumn, go skiing in snow-covered Tsakhkadzor in winter or revitalize from the aroma of violas and snowdrops fed by mountain waters in spring, Armenia is truly a four season paradise for a traveler.

Armenian Landscape

Photo credits: Wild Armenia

Food – The Second Major Religion in Armenia

Whether you have Armenian heritage or have ended up here in search of some Eastern experiences, your tastebuds are in for a feast. Mostly organic and non-GMO, Armenian dishes use plenty of unprocessed meats, vegetables and herbs for seasoning. This, topped with Armenian highland wines, craft beers or Churchill’s favorite brandy, juicy fruits, honey-dipped desserts and local hospitality will keep you coming back for more.

Armenian Dish Tolma

Thriving Yerevan Nightlife

After the sunset, Yerevan puts on its sparkling cocktail dress and shows up in full glory in the neon lights. From every corner you can hear live bands playing, streets are flooded with bar-hoppers or locals taking evening strolls. Smokey Rastafarai bars, elegant cocktail lounges, open air DJ performances and high-end wine bars are always crowded in Yerevan, especially on weekends. “Work hard, play hard” is a mantra that goes well with night Yerevan.

Yerevan NightlifeValue for Money

On top of all the above-mentioned, cost of living in Armenia is surprisingly affordable. You can easily get a hearty meal at an inexpensive restaurant for about $6-7 or a bottle of imported beer at a pub for about $2-3. This said, 90% of the venues, irrespective of price range, will offer healthy meal choices and decent service.


Ranking 5th in the list of countries safer than UK according to WEF (Telegraph), the central part of the capital is almost never empty till early morning hours. Pickpocketing and other crime are extremely rare and most of the people will go out of their ways to help you if you get lost. Travelers are treated with extreme care, so get out and explore and don’t be shy to ask for directions.

Developed Tourism Infrastructure

Tourism infrastructure has seen an incredible rise over the past decade. A number of new hotels, boarding houses, marked hiking trails and recreation venues pop up every day to cater to the increasing flow of travelers to the country, while carefully designed tours are available to meet the needs of the most demanding travelers. Be sure to check out our Adventure Tours section for more information or contact us for a Customized Tour and enjoy your stay in this enchanting country of the Old and the New.

9 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Armenia Right Now

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