Jeep Tour in Armenia – 12 days

4x4 Tours in Armenia

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at the Zvartnots International Airport. Meet and greet. Transfer to the accommodation.

Day 2: Yerevan—Amberd—Buzhakan—Neghuts church—Arzakan—Aghveran

Start the tour with a visit to Amberd Fortress, one of the well-preserved Middle Age fortresses to be found amongst the Armenian landscape. . From there, continue to Buzhakan village,  where we will begin our Armenian 4WD tour in earnest, on our journey to the half-ruined Neghuts church, built between the tenth and eleventh centuries.  From there, we will continue to Aghveran for the overnight.  

Day 3: Aghveran—Sevanavank—Dilijan—Off-road to Hagartsin—Yenokavan

Start the day with sightseeing in Lake Sevan. Along this stop of your Armenian jeep tour, you can observe the peninsula of Sevan, and visit the Sevanavank monasteries. Drive to the Tavush Province and cross the longest tunnel in Armenia, to emerge in the Dilijan National Park. Take the muddy roads in the forests with ease in your 4WD, to arrive at the Haghartsin Monastery, and finish the day in Yenokavan Village.  

Day 4: Yenokavan—Atan—Kirants—Arakelots—Haghpat

The day starts with 4x4 driving. After reaching Atan Village, continue to the deep forests and stop at Kirants Monastery (13th c.), the biggest brick-made monastery in Armenia. From there, we will continue to Arakelots Church (13th c.) and finish the off-roading part of the day at Acharkut Village. Continue to Haghpat Village for the overnight.

Day 5: Haghpat—Hnevank—Dendropark—Lori Berd—Gyulagarak

Today, we visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Haghpat Monastery. After a brief adventure, we will continue to Odzun village, and after visiting 6th-century Odzun church, take the road to the Dzoraget River Gorge. In this Armenian Jeep adventure, the dirt road will take us to the Hnevank monastery, a unique example of Armenian architecture. Continue to Dendropark (est. 1933), then we will drive to the Medieval Lori Berd Fortress, built by David Anhoghin, to be the capital of Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget.  Finish the day in Gyulagarak Village.


Day 6: Gyulagarak—Trchkan Waterfall—Hartashen-Gyumri

Head to Spitak, a town on the main road, then turn off to Trchkan Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Armenia, and start some nice off-road driving in your 4WD jeep. After spending some time exploring Trchkan, continue on a dirt road to Gyumri, visiting 12,000-year-old megaliths in Hartashen village along the way. The overnight is planned in Gyumri, the second largest town of Armenia.


Day 7: Gyumri—Marmashen—Arpi Lake National Park—Talin—Yerevan

Start the day with a city tour in Gyumri. In today’s list, we have a 10th century Marmashen monastic complex and Arpi Lake National Park to explore. The Marmashen Monastery is a great example of Ani architecture. Ani was one of the capitals of Armenia, and was called the "City of 1001 Churches". Lake Arpi National Park is one of four protected national parks of RA. On the way back to Yerevan visit a 7th century cathedral in Talin town.


Day 8: Yerevan—Garni temple—Garni canyon—Azat reservoir—Yerevan

Drive to Garni pagan temple, built in the 1st century AD, the only reconstructed pagan temple remaining in Armenia, and the whole Caucasus. Visit a 13th century Geghard Monastery, partially carved from the rock. We can listen to live folk music choirs inside the monastery. Then it's back to driving, returning to Yerevan with a short off-road drive via Garni Gorge, visiting the Rock Symphony.


Day 9: Yerevan—Khor Virap—Areni—Noravank—Smbataberd—Hermon

Head to southern Armenia, and take a drive along Ararat Valley, with a beautiful view of Ararat Mountain. Our first stop will be the 13th-14th century Noravank Monastery, located in Vayots Dzor province. From there, we will drive to Artabuynk village on asphalt, then start off-roading uphill to Smbataberd. It is likely that Smbataberd was founded in the 5th century, but was better established and heavily fortified during the 9th and 10th centuries. We will continue to Tsakhats Kar Monastery, a monastic complex located along the mountain foothills overlooking Yeghegis River. Finish the day in Hermon Village.


Day 10: Hermon—Ukhatasar—Zorats Karer—Goris

Today we head to Syunik, the southern region of Armenia. After arriving at the Ishkhanasar Village, we will start our 4x4 Armenian adventure up to the Syunik mountains. The target is the Ukhtasar Mountain, one of the largest petroglyph sites in Armenia. Here we will see rock art examples from 5th-3rd millennium BC. After getting back from the mountain, visit Zorats Karer, a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian. Drive to Goris for the overnight.


Day 11: Goris—Tatev—Ltsen—Shaki Waterfall—Yerevan

For the last day of your Armenian jeep tour, we're heading to Tatev monastery. Here, the group will have a chance to take the world's longest "Tatever" cable car and enjoy the splendid nature of Vorotan Gorge from 300m above. Further off-road driving to Sisian via Ltsen village will follow, visiting Vorotnavank, a monastic complex located along a ridge overlooking Vorotan Gorge and between the villages of Vaghatin and Vorotan in Syunik province, as we go. The next stop is the Shaki Waterfall, with a height of 18 meters. Drive back to Yerevan.


Day 12: Departure

Transfer to the airport. Have a safe flight home.